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Mia Vita, Mia Storia

An Aria from La Durata di Jessy

2 October 1989
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Sirius Black is Love
Sirius Black is Love

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I'm a 22 year old Music Major at the University of Houston, obsessed with Harry Potter, Musicals, Rainbows, and shiny things. It's all very important. This is my personal journal with all my ramblings, ravings, and just general life questions (to which the answer is ALWAYS 42). Due to twitchy nervous paranoia, this journal is Friends Only! However, if you friend me, I promise not to bite. Unless you like that kind of thing, in which case--grrrr bby grr. ;)

And before you ask me what instrument I play, lets just say it's the only instrument which can be taken and played in a shower. Rather it's played well in the shower, however, is entirely different.
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